States Preparing For New Marijuana Reform

States Preparing For New Marijuana Reform

States Preparing For New Marijuana Reform 

States are taking a closer look at Denver legalization of marijuana, eight state senators are going to Colorado for a first hand look at the new marijuana industry. Massachusetts will be voting on marijuana reform during the November elections. Government officials wants to be prepared for either outcome.

During this brief stay in Colorado officials are touring marijuana cultivation facilities, touring marijuana dispensaries & have open discussions with law-enforcement about everything marijuana related. The trip is scheduled to last four days. Sponsored by New-York Milbank Memorial Fund.

It’s common for law makers to travel to bordering states, to see how different policies and laws are being received by the people. States are just trying to be ahead of the storm, if voters decided to vote for legalization.

Lawmakers want to ensure the people rights will not be infringed on if they vote yes for marijuana. Other laws and policies must also be revisited to keep up with the times. Such as driving high and drug testing for jobs.

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In 2012, the people voted to approve medical marijuana, But trying to actually implement this to every state was trickier than once thought. So now law makers are trying to come up with strategies to help the transition into a legal market.

Places like Massachusetts are also setting up the Cannabis Control Commission with members appointed by the state Treasurer. To monitor the activities of marijuana stores, grow facilities and manufacturing of edibles. 

It’s good to see law makers actually listening to the people and preparing to change current laws and regulations. Currently over 800,000 Americans are arrested for marijuana every year. You are more likely in America to go to Jail than college. Its time to stop locking people up for possession of a plant or flower.

The government role is to echo the voice of the people not suppress it 

Should Marijuana just be legalized and tax like alcohol? 

States Preparing For New Marijuana Reform