Top 420 Jobs Currently Hiring

 Searching for a job in the marijuana industry? 420 jobs are becoming dream jobs for people of all ages. Who doesn’t want to be able to freely smoke while on the job? Finding a job in the marijuana industry might be easier than you think. So let’s see how to make money smoking weed.

Jobs In The Marijuana Industry

420 jobs

-Bud Tenders  average compensation is $15hr with a yearly salary of 30,000 Apply Here

420 jobs

-Cultivation expert there in charge of the whole growing process. This can be a very lucrative business. The pay depends on the individual. For example one 1,000 watt light bulb can produce $23,000 a year or more based on the strains of the plant. So for every 5 1,000 watt light bulbs you can make 115,000.

420 jobs

-Management is in charge of day to day operations book keeping, inventory and keeping the business afloat the average salary is 80,000-87,000

Marijuana Careers

-Security Guards in a dispensary if properly trained can make up to 150,000 at the right location

how can i get paid to smoke weed

-A marijuana journalist can easily make six figures a year depending on the audience and followers.

weed edibles

-A Marijuana Bakery can be a fun stress free place to work for. The average bakery owner is pulling in 100,000 a year or more

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