4 Chores that are easier while high

4 Chores That Are Easier While High


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1. One chore that is easier while  your high is washing dishes. I really don’t like washing dishes so a loud pack is always a good thing.

2. When I have to cook I always make sure I have a blunt and some good music. It makes cooking more relaxing and fun. When your high food taste so much better.

3. Washing clothes can be a very boring chore but with a blunt the time goes by much faster. So next time you go to the laundry mat bring some good weed and your I pod.

4. Another chore that is  easier while your high is cutting your grass. Smoking grass while cutting grass.

Last but no least cleaning your bathroom can be a bi#ch. With some good weed and Pandora its a breeze.

So when you have to do any household chores grab you some good weed turn on some music and get it done.

Not saying I actually do any of these chores but if I did I would need a blunt first.

4 Chores that are easier while high

4 Chores that are easier while high

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