The 60s Smokers of Woodstock

The 60s Smokers of Woodstock Throw Back Thursday

The 60s Smokers of Woodstock

  The 60s and the 70s was the best times to be a smoker in America. Everyone had a optimistic outlook for the future. There main goal was to spread peace and love. Woodstock concerts were a epic celebration of life, love and peace. People from all walks of life would come together to smoke and have fun. There was no negative vibes in the air. These smokers were care free and ready to make active changes in the world.

They believed the herb could bring people together in a positive manner. Woodstock was the place to be for a smoker trying to unwind. There was plenty to do and see. Everyone shared,and join in on the fun. People came from all over the country to attend Woodstock.  Top bands from around the country would come to perform and celebrate. These festivals were all about getting as high as possible on whatever drugs available.  The atmosphere was charged by marijuana smoke. People have said that this was one of the best times of their lives. They all left all there problems at home. The celebration went on for a whole weekend once a year.

This was a time and place where race, social or economic status had no barrier. If you were there you were treated like an equal. These festival put everyone on the same playing field.  One minute you could be smoking with a optimistic crazy 18 year old. The next moment you could be smoking with a future doctor, senator, Lawyer or activist. This group was unified with one goal in mind. To just have fun and be free.

The smokers of today are the same as yesterday. They want the same things as the 60s smoker. We are all searching for acceptance, love and peace. Marijuana has open many people up to new ideas and perspective.  Marijuana has been called the gateway drug. I believe this to be true but in a different perspective. A gateway to a stress free life. Marijuana takes away a lot of judgment we may have towards one another. The herb help you to see the similarities and not focus on our differences.

I believe a new movement is needed. If your able to get thousands of people together from all walks of life. To celebrate laugh party and just have fun. That’s something that we need. We are a stressed out society, were all so busy worry about nonexistent problem. We focus too much on our differences rather than our similarities.

We need to all come together and remember life is too short. For you to live life full of stress and worry. Put down the stress and pick up the blunt. Life is not about money, power or fame. It’s about unity and enlightenment. We are all here to learn from one another. We all have specific task or goal we must achieve. With pure faith nothing of this world can steal your joy.

Marijuana helps you to block out any negative vibes or emotions. Our goal should be to all come together as one and learn and accept one another as equals. In the scheme of life it will never matter how much money or success you obtain. The real measure of your life is how you impacted the world. How has you presence brought joy to the people around you? We all go through pain and heartache let this not be a deterrent for you to love. Let your pain and your struggle guide you and teach you the lessons you’re here to learn.

Woodstock had a certain electricity in the air. The air was filled with peace and love. Whenever you get a lot of positive people in one particular place. The energy can be epic this is what we need. Law makers no that marijuana has the ability to bring people together. They rather see us fight one another then celebrate together. We are here to say I don’t care, where you come from or what’s your economic status. We are one in the same you are all my brothers and sisters and I wish you all well. So when stress or doubt arise just remember life is too short to worry about the little things. Let love and peace guide you to your destiny. No one has ever said at the end of their life I wish I loved less and had less fun. It’s time we come together for the greater good of the world. United We Smoke

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The 60s Smokers of WoodstockThe 60s Smokers of Woodstock The 60s Smokers of Woodstock

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