We are naturesgiftunlocked. Our goal is to spread the many benefits of marijuana through pics, articles and videos.

A little background on NGU

Our site gives useful and factual information, we are also about the fun aspect of marijuana. Just tripping with friends and having a good time. You can listen to stoner music or watch stoner videos, chat with friends or just browse through our crazy site. We are not trying to be Hightimes. We just want you to have a good time. We want to give you something to enjoy and a way to connect with people from all walks of life.

United We Smoke.

Marijuana has helped form many friendships and relationships. A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

Just Smoke One & Turn Up

We started out as HighNation.com a couple years back. This was before states started to legalize marijuana. Our site was shut down and deleted. We received a phone call telling us that what we were doing was illegal. We were not even sure how they got our cell phone number. The lady on the phone informed me, that I was breaking state and federal laws. So we lost all data and information associated with that site. A month later we started naturesgiftunlocked.com.

Thanks everyone for supporting our efforts.

Charity We Support

10% of all our profits goes to The Drug Policy Alliance

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The Drug Policy Alliance agenda is to change the perspective of marijuana as a whole, while changing laws and policies associated with marijuana. They work to uphold the sovereignty of individuals to experiment with their own consciousness. Their working to stop marijuana related arrest and incarceration. Especially for people of color who are targeted by authorities at a higher rate than other nationalities.

The DPA has also diverted hundreds of thousands of people from going to jail and instead are sent to treatment facilities. Through their efforts sick patients can now gain access to medical marijuana without fear of incarceration. Changing policies and procedures in California has saved more than 2.5 million dollars to be allocated to better serving local communities.

Drug Policy Alliance



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