Alaska Marijuana Laws-Alaska legalized recreational marijuana

Alaska Marijuana Laws

alaska marijuana laws

Alaska Marijuana Laws, gives all Alaska residents the freedom to smoke marijuana if they so choose. There are some stipulations to smoking marijuana. Such as you have to smoke in the privacy of your own home, you’re not allowed to smoke in public places. I think that’s fair. Most people just smoke at home anyway. You could also still be subjected to a $100 fine, if a police officer chooses to give you a ticket. Mary Jane is branding herself all around the world as a universal answer to a lot of todays problems.

Remember Alaska Reporter who quit on live T.V

Charlo Greene who made headlines with her outburst on live T.V. In Alaska Saying Fuck it I Quit

marijuana laws alaska

Charlo Greene said she had decided to use her time and energy, to focus on Alaska marijuana laws. That was a bold move for anyone to make. Leaving the security of a job can be scary, with passion none of that matters. Charlo took a risk and it definitely paid off. Charlo Green is now a known brand so her earning potential is infinite. That’s what happen when you take a stand for something you believe in, even when people might judge you or think your crazy. Everyone will not see your vision. Her actions brought much-needed attention to helping to bring change to Alaska. 

Charlo Greene Thank you for being a marijuana activist and standing up.

Alaska Marijuana Laws


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