Bernie Sanders Wants To Decriminalize Marijuana

Bernie Sanders Wants To Decriminalize Marijuana

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders marijuana supporter. We all know to well how the war on drugs has affected our lives and communities. The war on drugs which started to keep our neighborhoods safe.  Has turn into a war within our neighborhoods. With police against citizens and vice versa. Marijuana laws and polices currently incarcerates over 800,000 Americans yearly.

Which continually puts a strain on a nation budget and economy. Millions in tax dollars go towards enforcing these laws. When marijuana is finally decriminalized it would save our country millions. Which could be better allocated to serve our communities. At this point most of the country believes marijuana should at least be reclassified. No one should have ever been put in jail for marijuana use. I do believe another reason for such high arrest rates. Was to also given as many people criminal records as possible. If you have been arrested for marijuana you likely have a criminal record now. This will help to stop you from obtaining many advancement opportunities in the future. It will make it harder for you to obtain the following, a good job, housing, higher education and public assistance. 

Bud-Tender Certification

Just My Thoughts

I don’t believe marijuana was ever made illegal to help the people. History have shown us that its always about control and profit. Marijuana has to many benefits as a whole that the government wanted to suppress. Marijuana offers more than just medical benefits. Cannabis also offers spiritual and religious benefits. Marijuana helps counteract all the poison put into our bodies from various sources such as our tooth paste, food, water and chem trails etc. Marijuana makes you ask to many questions. You start to see the bigger lie within the system itself. There goal is to keep us as an materialistic ego driven society. That has lost its connection with nature and each other. We currently only use 10% of our brain. Science shows us that we are actually using less and less of our brains over time. Some do to technology taken away the need to think and troubleshoot. Marijuana forces you to think and then think some more.

Why do you think marijuana was made illegal?

Bob Marley asked politicians why was marijuana made illegal? Their response was because it makes man Rebel.

The True Question Against Who Or What

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