California Recreational Marijuana

California Recreational Marijuana The Changing Climate Of Weed

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California is now the largest state to have recreational marijuana available for its citizens. Proposition 64 measure was to legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. This would help to cut criminal offensive and forced incarceration. California has seen first hand how the war on drugs has affected its neighborhoods and communities. The so-called war on drugs has caused thousands of residents to get locked up. While also giving countless numbers of people felony records. Which would later hinder these people from gaining employment & housing based off their record? 

California new measure is to help balance out the injustices, caused by these outdated policies and practices. One part of this bill is the ability for people with pass marijuana offenders can ask for a reclassification or just get it cleared off their records. This is done by hiring an attorney and letting them go through the proper channels for your particular situation.  Statistics show that from 1996 to 2015 there were 500,000 people arrested for marijuana-related crime . California is also acknowledging that their outdated drug laws disproportionately targeted people of color. 

Emerging Marijuana Related Businesses

California has decided to give people with marijuana offensive the ability to apply for marijuana business license. I think that this could be a good thing for someone who already has money though. To open a dispensary you must have at least 250,000 in the bank. So its like saying I would give it to you but I am sure you can’t afford it. I guess it’s a nice gesture lol. Government officials are aware of the cost associated with marijuana-related businesses, so the plan is to allocate money to be given to people trying to start marijuana-related companies. 

Oakland has decided to set aside half of all medical and recreational marijuana business license for applicants who were affected by marijuana policies. Oakland also acknowledges that in a study done in 1998 showed that 90% of marijuana arrest involved black or brown bodies. While the white arrest rate was around 3.9% for the same year.  

California was one of the first states to make marijuana illegal. This helped to change how the world as a whole perceived marijuana. California has tried to fix this wrong for a while now. In 1996 California became the first state to introduce medical marijuana to its residents. 

“As states start dialing back their war on marijuana consumers,” Altieri said, “it is important that those who were most negatively impacted by our oppressive prohibition can see previous harms remedied as best as possible and be given the opportunity to participate in the benefits that come along with legalization and regulation.”

California is actively tiring to fix the injustices caused by a broken and outdated system. Only time will tell if it will be for the benefit of the people or corporations.


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Quick Timeline Marijuana Decriminalization 

  • 1973: Oregon decriminalized cannabis.[8][9]
  • 1973: Texas law was amended to declare possession of four ounces or less a misdemeanor.[10]
  • 1975: Alaska‘s Supreme Court establishes that the right to privacy includes possession of small amounts of marijuana[11]
  • 1976: Maine decriminalized cannabis.[12]
  • 1977: South Dakota decriminalized cannabis, but repealed that law “almost immediately” afterward.[13]
  • 1973-1978: California, Colorado, MississippiNew YorkNebraskaNorth Carolina, and Ohio decriminalized cannabis.[14] Certain cities and counties, particularly in California, adopted laws to further decriminalize cannabis.
  • 1978: New Mexico passes the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act, becoming the first state to pass legislation recognizing the medical value of marijuana.[15]
  • 1979: Virginia passed legislation allowing doctors to recommend cannabis for glaucoma or the side effects of chemotherapy.[16][17]
  • 1982: Alaska’s legislature decriminalizes possession of cannabis[18]
  • 1990: Alaska re-criminalizes cannabis by voter initiative, restoring criminal penalties for possession of any amount of cannabis[19]

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Source: Huffington Post

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