Cannabis Convention

Cannabis Convention

cannabis convention

Chicago hosted a Cannabis Convention, that featured marijuana oils, extracts, vaporizers, grow lights and rolled blunts. Over 2,000 people were in attendance.

Marijuana lovers came from all over trying to enter the booming medical marijuana business. Market researcher’s are projecting that the marijuana industry sales, will grow to $19 billion in annual sales by 2019.
The marijuana industry will become increasingly harder to get into in the near future. With so many big companies using their wallets to out bid individuals, Getting into the medical marijuana industry for regular people will become tougher.

Products and services featured at the expo included 162 exhibitors, Showcasing everything from child resistant stash cans, odor masking containers, climate control system, cash counting machines and safes.

Chicago expo also included a pitch tank similar to shark tank. Were potential marijuana entrepreneurs got the opportunity to pitch their products and services to potential investors, People were asking for anything from $500,000 to $5 million for startup cost.

Chicago pitch tank was a good idea, to help regular people get a foot in the door before big business comes in and takes over.

People are starting to see entering the marijuana industry as a way to be free from corporate structured jobs.

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cannabis convention

medical marijuana industry

medical marijuana business

Chicago Hosted Marijuana Expo