Christians views on smoking marijuana

christians smoking weed

Christians views on smoking Marijuana

Many Christians are open to the idea of marijuana used responsibly. There is a growing support for marijuana recreational and spiritual use.

Many Christian are questioning is smoking marijuana a sin. The bible says to follow the laws of your land. If pot is legal in your state. Then morally you’re following the law of your land.

Is smoking marijuana a sin

Marijuana was made with the image of god in mind, just like everything else. Meaning nothing made of god could ever be sinful.  Marijuana was put on this planet for its healing and spiritual factors.  Used responsibly marijuana I believe is morally ok.

Marijuana helps you to look deeper into your understanding of life. Pushing your mind pass normal rational understanding. To a world filled with more questions than answer. Marijuana helps you turn down the volume of the world. Giving you a new outlook on life.

There are many churches that support marijuana use. For these churches I believe the key is the understanding of marijuana. It’s simple don’t put anything above god don’t worship this plant. Marijuana should be used for its medical and spiritual use. As long as you keep everything in proper perspective you should be ok.

Medical marijuana has come a long way. Now different strains can heal different illness. Many patients have seen the heeling powers of marijuana. So as far as it being a sin. On the medical aspect alone, something that’s healing your body can’t be a sin.

So in my opinion if used responsibly marijuana could have a positive impact on your life. Anything that can be used for good can also be used for bad. That being said moderation and respecting the plant is the key.

Many still believe marijuana and church should stay separate. I believe that as long as you don’t worship the plant its ok. Marijuana does have many benefits. I do believe that it helps you to put down the weight of the world. Giving you the ability to reflect and realign your energy and calm down. Smoke and be free

 Being a Christians I can say that marijuana has helped me to see the light, in any situation no matter how dark it seems.













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