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Stop Drug Testing For Employment Opportunities 

In today’s society marijuana users are still experiencing discrimination for their marijuana use, even in legal states. Employees are still subjected to peeing in a cup. Your degree or level of experience does not out way the fact that you will still be treated like a criminal and asked to take a drug test, to determine if you qualify for a job. Employers are still giving random drug test, which if you fail you could be in jeopardy of losing your job and livelihood.

So what if you want to smoke marijuana while you’re at home off the clock. Recreational marijuana use off the clock does not affect your ability to perform your job or task at hand. With the country collectively wanting marijuana reform and change. Employers and business are still going by federal laws even though in some places on the state level marijuana is legal.
We all know how hard it is to find jobs in today’s unpredictable economy. People should not have to fear losing their jobs or not gaining employment based on their marijuana use. There are countless cases of qualified people losing their jobs based on their marijuana use. Or not even given the opportunity to even be hired.
It’s not like they are lighting up at work. These are people who smoke recreational marijuana or medical marijuana in the comfort of their own home. Telling employees what they can and can’t do on their free time is infringing on their rights. The right to live the life of their choosing. When it comes down to it marijuana laws like many other laws and policy is a control factor. Trying to control the people minds and attitudes has never work and will never work. People today are educated and able to make inform decisions for their lives without governmental influences.

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Companies like the Washington post are taking a closer look at drug testing for marijuana. Currently marijuana is legal in D.C., companies like the Huffington post are rethinking its policies to drug test. Currently even if you’re an award-winning journalist you’re still expected to take a drug test. Many people have stopped using marijuana due to the fear of losing their jobs. Random drug test puts many smokers in fear of losing their livelihoods. With so many young people entering the work force marijuana users among employees is becoming common. Companies are finding it difficult to find candidates, who are not just qualified but that can pass a drug test is becoming increasingly hard.

A lot of companies today have a no tolerance policy towards drugs. Is this still feasible in today’s society. Employers will find in not just hard to find qualified Candidates, it will also become increasingly hard to keep these employees happy. Employees change their habits and marijuana use to get certain jobs. Over time these employees become unhappy with their work life due to it affecting their personal life. This makes people look for employment opportunities with more freedom. Marijuana users are currently discriminated in the work force. Even in states with medical marijuana employers can still fire employees based on drug test results.

Fired for Testing Positive for Marijuana In A legal States

Brandon Coats a quadriplegic and a medical marijuana patient by doctors’ orders, was fired from Dish Network for failing a random drug test. Even though dish network was well aware of his medical problem and marijuana use. Dish Network stated that Brandon cross the line by having weed in his system during the random drug test, even though Brandon only used marijuana during his free time. When he came to work with it still is his system that constituted as a work place violation causing him his job. The courts ruled against Brandon. Saying that even though marijuana is legal on a state level Brandon still was violating federal laws and policies. Brandon performance reviews showed that he was one of the top performers during his time at Dish Network. There were only two incidents during that time were he was tardy to work. So does a medical marijuana patent have to suffer through pain and just stop taking here prescribe medication in fear of losing their jobs. Why have it legal on a state level. If I am still in jeopardy of losing my job, if I decided to take my prescription, this make no sense to me.

With the country shifting towards accepting marijuana in our society. Countless employees are losing their jobs due to random drug testing. Many of which are medical marijuana patients. If my job does not deal directly with the safety of the public, how is my marijuana use affecting my job or performance? No I don’t want my doctor or a construction worker to be high on anything. If you’re working in an office or any type of administrative work I don’t think your marijuana use infringes on your ability to do your job.
Do you think employees should stop drug testing for marijuana?
Come & Sign Our Petition to the White House to Stop Marijuana testing For Jobs. Employment opportunities should be based on your education and qualifications for the job.

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