See What Three Illness Are Being Added To Connecticut Medical Marijuana

Connecticut Has Decided Add Three Additional Illnesses To Their Medical Marijuana Program

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Connecticut Is pushing to add three additional medical problems, to their existing medical marijuana program. What does this mean for patients? A new regulation will give more people access to legal weed.

The Medical Marijuana Board Of Physicians has requested that the Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull approve three new illness. The three added diseases are hydrocephalus with intractable headaches, intractable migraine, and trigeminal neuralgia. Seagull announced that she would follow the recommendations, this will ensure that added benefits will make it to the next round of approval.

“After DCP draft a regulation to add the conditions, there will be an additional public hearing and comment period,” Seagull said in the statement. “The regulation then will be reviewed by the Office of the Attorney General, and ultimately require the approval of the Regulation Committee of the General Assembly.”
The process to finally add additional health benefits Is expected to be completed within one year.

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As research and development continue to find more health benefits of marijuana use, we will continue to see illnesses added to the list. Treated with medical marijuana has saved a lot of people. Recently four additional illnesses were added to the list, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, shingle and muscular dystrophy. Connecticut medical marijuana program offers 22 condition that allows adults to use medical marijuana and six for children under 18.

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Source: Courant