Creative Bongs and Pipes HomeMade

creative pipes

Creative Bongs and Pipes Homemade

Give a true stoner a bag of weed and nothing to smoke out of. A real stoner will figure out a way to be smoking within 15min. You would be shocked by a stoner creativity when it comes to getting high. Enjoy our list of top creative bongs & pipes homemade.


 home made bongs

The Coconut Bong looks dope. I would use this piece on the regular. 



  home made bongs

Looks like it would require a lot of weed.


Creative bongs and pipes

Here is a cool pipe good for a cookout or party. The watermelon probably makes the smoke taste better.


Apple 2.0 for the experience smoker this is defiantly a fast high. With the right weed this would be a stoners best friend.


I believe most smokers have tried this at one time or another. Once you push the bottle into the water a volcano of smoke shoots out the top. Great for smoking in groups or a solo mission.


Honey pipe cool pipe I wonder if the honey jar makes the smoke taste sweet. I would buy this pipe if it was for sale.


Is it ironic that his shirt match with the pumpkin or do you think he planned that. Hopefully this was done around Halloween time.


This is something you don’t see everyday. At what point were you  playing the game an thought I can smoke out this controller. Crazy but unique


Cool bottle pipe. I would add a little bit of liquor to the bottle.


He is a next level smoker this is something for a party.


If this makes you a real smoker count me out, this is one rotation I would not be in. Turn Down




Cool and your able to smoke with a friends.


Marijuana as a gateway drug

Is marijuana a gateway drug it all depends on the smoker. I know plenty of people including myself who have been smoking weed for 10 years or more. That have not tried any other drug. I know people who smoke every other drug known to man, but don’t smoke weed. So as far as a gateway drug it depends on the individual. If there easily influence or just like getting high then yes. To be called a gateway drug is misleading the average weed smoker just smokes weed. There are people that go above and beyond, but weed is not to blame. Its a lack of something  there trying to fill a void.

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