Does Marijuana Cause Suicidal thoughts? Sandra Bland

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Sandra Bland has become a national conversation about marijuana and suicide. Police officials are claiming that Sandra Bland committed suicide while under the influence of marijuana and in police custody.

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According to the autopsy report Sandra had either swallowed or smoked marijuana while in jail. For anyone that has been locked up you know that you are thoroughly searched before you are processed. The chances of you actually getting marijuana into jail are slim to none. I don’t think marijuana played a part in Sandra Death. This is a tactic used by corrupt police departments to cover up their own wrong doing. I know your not suppose to judge a book by its cover. Looking at her pictures and the evidence, I don’t believe Sandra was a suicidal person. Either way if she did somehow manage to get marijuana into the jail. That’s still makes the jail liable for not doing there jobs correctly. Its easier to smear someone name and reputation rather than take accountability for your actions. America as a whole knows that something happen to Sandra Bland. The public does not believe marijuana actually played a factor in her death.

This situation could have happen to anyone of us. We have to stop letting them act as if we can’t process or understand what’s really going on. Stop blaming marijuana for your own misdoing. Marijuana is not the problem here. It’s the corruption in todays police force and governmental institution that should be on trial. I hope that Sandra Bland family gets the justice they deserve.

RIP: To the countless lives taken from our corrupt institutions.

Don’t forget this could be you……

Does Marijuana Cause Suicidal thoughts? Sandra Bland