Crazy Drug Laws Around The World

Drug Laws

Drug laws and policies have been around since the beginning of time. There are many drug laws on the books that makes no sense. It makes you wonder what drug were the people on while creating these bs laws.

Drug Laws Around The World

1. It is illegal to inhale bus fumes with the intent of inducing euphoria. (New Hampshire)

If you actually decided to inhale bus fumes its probably more wrong with you than just a drug problem. You probably need some psychological help.

2. It is illegal to operate a surfboard while on a hallucinogen. (Washington, DC)

Ok i cant surf in DC while on a hallucinogen, so i guess its a good thing that there is no water in DC to actually do any surfing. So in order to break the law, I guess you would have to create an ocean to surf first and you would probably be breaking the law if you did.

3. It is illegal to sip your beer more than three consecutive times while standing. (Texas)

So before you turn up you better be sitting down, or your going to jail son.

4. People in possession of illegal substances must pay taxes on them. (North Carolina)

Crazy i have to pay taxes for having something that’s not legally taxable.

5. It is illegal to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats and other domesticated animals. (Zion, Illinois)

So i guess i have to tell my dog he has to light up his self. I got to train my dog to use a lighter.

6. No man may purchase alcohol without written permission from his wife. (Newtown, Pennsylvania)

If this was in effect everywhere I don’t think anyone would be drinking. She would be like you just had a beer last year.

7. It is illegal to sell laughing gas with the intent to induce laughter. (Indiana)

So the next time you buy laughing gas, remember you better hold back from laughing the only thing funny here is this bs law

8. Beer at more than 3.2% ABV must be sold at room temperature. (Oklahoma)

That’s cool if the room temperature is cold, if not just turn the air conditioning on problem solved.

9.It is illegal to force a monkey to smoke a cigarette. (South Bend, Indiana)

My monkey doesn’t smoke cigarettes thank goodness just blunts.

10. Riding a horse under the influence is punishable with a DUI. (Colorado)

This actually makes the most sense from a safety standpoint.

Crazy Drug Laws Around The World

drug laws

Countries With The Best Drug Laws

1.Portugal Drug Laws

Portugal has decriminalized all drugs. Making it legal to use any drug of your choosing. You would think this would make it a nation of drug addicts. This law has actually help to decrease drug use and incarceration rates. Portugal went from arresting 14,000 people a year to just 6,000. Crime rate has actually gone down. People no longer have to commit crimes to get access to drugs. Portugal also offers medical programs and counseling to help people with addiction. They even offer clean needles for people in need. Since legalizing drug people are actually using less dangerous drugs. Portugal went from having a drug epidemic to being the lowest drug usage in the European Union.

2. Switzerland Drug Laws

Switzerland decriminalized marijuana in 2013 and the country has also introduced programs to reduce harmful drug use. Switzerland was facing an AIDS epidemic that was spreading through the country due to needles being shared. Switzerland decided not to just arrest these users but to educate and help them through offering housing, job opportunities, needle exchanges, methadone programs and even supervised injection rooms to ensure safety. The AIDS rate has gone down by 50% in the last 10 years. Overdoses has also gone down by 50%. Crime rate as a whole has also gone down.

3. Czech Republic Drug Laws 

In the Czech Republic drug laws are lenient. your able to have five marijuana plants and an ounce on you at a given time. Your also able to have a gram of cocaine, one and a half grams of heroin, two grams of methamphetamine, 40 psychedelic mushrooms, five peyote plants and five tabs of LSD. There is also a large medical marijuana program for users. Drug trafficking is the only thing that’s really illegal and could land you in jail.

The Czech Republic also offers harm reduction programs. These programs includes counseling and free test for infectious diseases. You can even get free aluminum foil for smoking crack and heroin. Since legalizing drugs the drug rates has actually gone down and also the amount of overdose has been reduced.

4.Amsterdam Drug Laws 

Everyone knows about Amsterdam having relax marijuana laws. If your caught with hard drugs chances are you wont be arrested, your drugs will probably be taken though. Amsterdam was trying to change their marijuana laws, to stop tourist from buying marijuana in coffee shops. The people protested and the city got rid of the restrictions all together. So this is still a place to freely get high on marijuana for tourist.

5. Uruguay Drug Laws 

Uruguay becoming in 2013 the first country to make it legal to buy, sell and grow marijuana. The government actually sells marijuana for $1 a gram. Your able to buy up to 40 grams a month. This killed the black market for marijuana.Your also able to grow up to six plants of marijuana. Your also able to have psychedelic mushrooms. It’s still illegal to use harder drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

Drug Laws Around The World

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