Elementary Students Brings Marijuana to School

Elementary Students Brings Marijuana to School

Sioux Falls Police are reporting a Hawthorne Elementary School student brought a bag of marijuana to school.The bag was found after the student started showing his friends and teacher.

When police brought the little boy home, the officer reported smelling marijuana coming from the home. Police entered the home finding marijuana and meth.


Nicole Roach, 31 and Stephen Messelhiser, 29 are facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, maintaining a place where drugs are kept, distribution of a controlled substance and abuse and neglect of a child.

The boy has been placed with relatives

Side Note: Fellow Stoner‘s there should never be a time, when your child has access to any amount of marijuana. Your stash should always be in a safe place. There are to many cases were parents have lost custody of their kids because of poor choices. If marijuana affects your ability to be a parent its time to stop.

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With the growing medical uses for marijuana, I think legalizing weed on a national level will happen in the near future.

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