Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

Will Florida Change Their Marijuana Laws & Policies

Florida Medical Marijuana

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A statewide medical marijuana campaign seems to have worked in Florida. So far speculations are that the bill will be passed. Florida just like all around the world. Have seen first hand what the war on drugs has done to our nation and economy.  The war on drugs turned into the war of the people, America currently has more people in prison, then the largest country in the world China. You are more likely to end up in jail for a marijuana-related crime then go to college.
I think as a whole we know that we can better serve our communities, with tax payers money going toward community programs and resources. 
This system has helped turn police against citizens and government against the people. Police were set in place to protect and serve their local communities. The war on drugs has tainted the relationship people have with the police.  Law enforcement officers are also tired of wasting resources on marijuana users. 
Florida Medical Marijuana
Florida residents want to be able to use marijuana for all its medical benefits.  Florida officials are giving officers the choice to issue noncriminal citations and fines. In Volusia its $100 fine. In Tampa both mayor and police chief endorsed a change, that would start penalties off at $75 for your first offense. Penalties can also be paid with community services. I think that’s better than getting a record and going to jail.
In 2014 residents almost made a constitutional amendment with a 58% acceptance. Residents needed a 60% approval rate to enact change. 2016 might be the year Florida pulls this off. With growing support for medical and recreational use. 60% should be easy to achieve. With this being an election year the voter turns out should be much higher. On average only 20% of young people vote during a mid-term election. Compared to a 50% turnout of young people during presidential elections. With that being said laws would only be changed if the young people come out and vote.
Update Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Florida

To see Florida next proposed amendments click here

So go vote 

Good luck to Florida 

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