Is Marijuana A Gateway Drug?

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Is Marijuana A Gateway Drug?

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I have been hearing a lot of people talk about marijuana as a gateway drug. Many people believe using marijuana can lead to harder drugs an activities. So is weed dangerous? If so then why do people smoke weed?

Studies show that 99% of cocaine users started out using marijuana. One study also found that smoking between the age 12 to 17 makes you 85 times more likely to use cocaine and other drugs. Also research found that kids who smoke before age 15 are 60% more likely to use cocaine. So how exactly did they come up with these numbers? I started smoking at 15 and so did the majority of my friends. None of them have ever tried cocaine. I don’t think its marijuana that turns people into drug addicts. It’s there own personal choices. Some people just like to get high. After a while marijuana might not be as strong for them as it once was. If your going to blame marijuana for being a gateway to harder drugs and activities. Then you also have to factor in parental influence and environmental factors. It’s not the marijuana that turn people onto harder drugs. Sometimes it could just be addictive personalities or some kind of void their trying to fill. Most marijuana user never try any other drugs.

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Do you believe marijuana is a gateway drug? 

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