How To Tell If You Have A Good Weedman Or A F#ck Boy


Where To Buy Weed

In todays society it seems as if everyone is lighting up. With the legalization of marijuana in certain states, made buying legal marijuana as easy as ordering a pizza. This has made some weedmen obsolete in todays market. For illegal states marijuana is still big business for hustlers. There are two types of weedmen out here. One that knows how to make money selling marijuana, and sees you as a actual customer. Then there is the shoe money hustler.

We have all had good and bad experiences with a weedman. Here are a few ways to tell if you have a good weedman or its time to find better.


A Good Weed Man knows, how to keeps their customers happy

-A good weed man make sure to let you know, when there about to run out

-They call you when there’s a new batch of better marijuana

-They allow you a credit until you get your money right

-If you’re buying more than a half, they let you smoke it first to see if you like it

-There is no pressure you don’t have to buy if you don’t like the grade

-If you’re a couple dollars short they let you go

-Gives you deals on oz and better

-Offer deals like 3 for 20

-Throws extra weed in your bag

-They will smoke with you while your waiting

-Their punctual if they say I will be there in 20 mins then its 20mins

-They never run out they always have weed to buy

-They usually have a day job

-They see it as an actual business and focus on stacking money


A Bad Weed Man

-A bad weedman will sell you dirt telling you it’s loud

-Their all about the quick buck quality is no concern

-They don’t offer any deals

-They sell you bags full of sticks and seeds we don’t want that sh#t

-Your never able to buy more than a 20 because that’s all they have

– Their always running out an go days or weeks with no bud

-They only sell when they need extra money

-There usually unemployed

-They lie to everyone saying their weeds the best when they no its not

-They try to sell you everything but weed I don’t want your coke, pills, heroin or E ok maybe the E 

-They are always late if they tell you I will be there in 15min its usual add 45min for bs

-They always brag about how much they are making no car, house, clothes but you’re balling

-Sprays chemical on their weed to help increase potency please stop that sh#t

-Get locked up and never have bail money “seriously”

-They never answer their phone or its cut off

-Been hustling for years but no progression

-They sell weed just to buy clothes and shoes

-They do dumb sh#t like sell to undercover police officers smh

-There always telling you crazy stories that you don’t give a f#ck about

-There always getting robbed by someone

So if you have a good weed man you are lucky keep them. If your weed man has 3 or more of the bad traits think about this. The average smoker who smokes everyday spends around $20 a day on weed. At the end of the year that’s 7,200. Wouldn’t you rather put that in someone’s pocked who is actually treating you like a loyal customer rather than a quick buck.

Experiences With A Bad WeedMan

-I brought a bag of weed and when I got home to smoke it was tea not weed

-So I brought a bag of weed it had water on it (pcp) I was high for about 10hrs I new something was wrong after 3 hours, I was still high like I had just smoked

-Another incident I went to someone’s house to get a bag, two weedmen got into a fight over who was going to sell me a bag

-I was with this girl we went to her friend to get some weed. He pulled a gun out on her an started talking crazy. She is sitting in my passenger seat the window was down. So the gun is at her head. I got my foot ready to push the gas. At this point all I am thinking is if the gun goes off I am driving off. So while the gun was at her head. I asked him did he have any weed. He asked me what I wanted, he actually served me with the other hand and kept the gun to her head. The crazy part was after he took the gun from her head he told her to call him later and gave her like $200

Experiences With Good Weed Man

-I actually had a weed man that would call me to come test new product. If I liked the weed he would get it. He would give me free weed after he brought it.

-My weed man saw me in the store and was telling me about some new weed. He gave me a sample bag just to try it

-I had friend that knew I smoked a lot. So if it was early and he was leaving the neighborhood and knew he would be gone all day. He would always put a bag in my mailbox and I would just pay for it later.

-One person actually gave me weed for helping him bag up, I am a smoker so the bags I made were all fat

Rules to Buying Weed

-Never buy weed from someone you don’t know unless you’re sure you can trust them

-If you suspect your buying from a undercover police officer just simply ask them are you a police officer by law they must tell you or it could be considered entrapment.

-Try to stick with one main weedman and keep one for back up

-Never buy from someone who is pressuring you for the sale

-If you buy weed and suspect something is wrong with it throw it away and delete their number.

-If your calling your weedman and they text you back to meet them somewhere an every time you call they send you a text your weedman probably is locked up and the police are texting you if you don’t hear a voice on the phone don’t go

-Trust your instincts if something feels wrong just simply walk away

So to avoid being in a bad situation while on the hunt be cautious and don’t trust everyone

United we Smoke

legal marijuana

If you happen to live in a state where marijuana is legal and you’re able to grow. I would recommend you find a good strain and start growing your own. You will save a lot of time and money. The time you spend looking and searching. Now you can spend that time doing what you enjoy most smoking. If you’re unable to grow think about how hard you work for your money. Then when buying weed buy from someone who value you as a customer.

If you are considering growing then you should check out this book

Marijuana grow guide Click here to grow quality buds

legalization of marijuana

Green CulturED Cannabis College

where to buy weed

How much does weed cost

Marijuana prices can vary from strain to strain.

On average a bag of regular weed or (reggie) can go for $5 a gram


OG Kush can cost around $10 a gram


Green Crack goes for around $15-$22

Smoking weed for the first time

If its your first time smoking weed. I would recommend you starting off with just some regular weed, to see how your body reacts. After you get more comfortable you will be able to smoke stronger strains. After a while you will be waking and baking to OG Kush. Turn Up

We all love the allusive Mary Jane that being said smoke responsibly fellow stoners & Above All Turn Up

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