Green cars made of hemp

Green cars made of hemp

Green cars made of hemp

With a growing population and a rising demand for resources. Companies are starting to look outside the box.,for more cost efficient material. The race is on for a green power car with zero tailpipe emissions. With green manufacturing capabilities.

Most cars companies use steal material for its strength and durability. Steal is a strong material but is too heavy to ever go totally green. Many of the plastic parts are made from oils and composite materials like carbon fiber. This process can be time consuming and costly.

The Kestrel went green designed and engineered by Motive industries. This fully electric car has a shell made of hemp. Reducing the weight and cost. Hemp has the same durability impact resistance as fiber glass. Fiber glass comes with its setbacks. Fiber class can be costly and may cost health risk when manufacturing the product. Hemp powered green cars may not go mainstream as of yet. Watching technology change trying to go green will be interesting

Hemp Car

. Green cars made of hemp

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green car made of hemp