Furniture Store Owner Was Caught Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana

Furniture Store Owner, Caught Growing Marijuana

A furniture store owner Phuc Nguyen was arrested for growing marijuana in the back of his store. Police say the furniture was just a front, for him to grow his marijuana without suspension. The suspension came after people noticed the store was never open, And Phuc Nguyen did not sell one piece of furniture.

Police found over 1,000 plants and 50 pounds of processed marijuana in his store. He should have been smarter about what he was doing. If your able to grow that much marijuana without anyone finding out for all that time. You should  hire an actual staff an make it fully legit. I guess greed for fast money will get you in cuffs every time. Next time open up the damn store and sell some shit.

The estimated value of the marijuana confiscated was around 2 million. It safe to say I am sure he was high AF. To be making that kind of money on the low, and  not turn your operation into a legitimate business. Now your force to ask your self behind bars how did I get here. Greed and misdirected ambition will get you there every time. Growing Marijuana in any illegal state could land you behind  bars.

Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana