Will Pennsylvania Residents Have To Give Up Guns For Weed

Pennsylvania Removes Medical Marijuana Users From Police Computers-Guns For Weed

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Pennsylvania residents are aiming to change a law that was pass in 2016. That stated registered marijuana patients would lose their gun rights once they enroll in the medical marijuana program. After this decision police made a data base for all registered medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania. 

Guns For Weed

The data essentially is gathering data for registered user. To use in future cases and investigations. This measure took away their Second Amendment rights. This law makes it illegal to posses a fire arm or bullets. This is for both recreational use and medical use. If your name ends up on the official list every gun store will have you in their system, you will not be able to buy legally. 

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If a resident signs up for the program and already owned a fire arm. They would have to properly dispose of that fire arm. Since the program began around 10,000 patients have signed up. Residents soon found out that medical marijuana facilities were sharing information with law enforcement. This made residents and activists protest to take users off their list.

This list gave access to over 38,000 police officers in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a new plan going forward. The only way for police to know if someone is a medical marijuana user. Is if they asked that person to see their medical marijuana card. Law enforcement will know longer have access to patients private records. Patients are being removed from the JNET database. This will help stop medical marijuana patients from getting flagged, during background checks. Hopefully giving them back their second amendment rights.

In today’s changing markets and climates. There is always hidden agendas. The NRA was recently lobbying for gun rights in Pennsylvania. According to the Washington Post, Congress members in Pennsylvania has received $155,600 from the NRA.  

The NRA saw that if more people continued to register for medical marijuana. This would affect profits and guns sells within Pennsylvania. 


Source:High Times

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