7 Product That Could Be Made Using Hemp

Products Made Eco-Friendly With Hemp

Product That Could Be Made Using Hemp

!. Bibles

Product That Could Be Made Using Hemp

There is a hemp paper mill in France, called Kimberly Clark currently printing Bibles made using marijuana. This approach gives the Bible a longer life span and prevents it from yellowing.


hemp biofuel

Marijuana biofuel is great because its resistant’s to pests and weeds. Marijuana grows faster than other potential biofuel crops. Some see cannabis as the future of alternative fuel.

3. Clothing

hemp clothing

Currently there are a lot of fabrics made from cannabis. Making it possible to make all kinds of 420 clothing.


hemp food

A company in California called Bay Roots is currently making a weed seed burger. Not sure how it taste but I would like to try it out.

5. Makeup

marijuana lotion

A lot of todays products could be made using marijuana. Such as hemp lotions, shampoos, moisturizer, foundation, lipstick and nail polish. Could all be made using weed as a base.


Cat Scratch Post

products made from hemp

You can make an eco friendly scratching post by using a table leg and hemp rope. This is a great alternative to buying from a store.


hemp construction

In North Carolina Hemp-Technologies are currently making HempCret, A marijuana insulation and cannabis mulch for building new homes. The final product is resistant to fire, termites, mold and dry rot. The future of homes in America will be more eco-friendly and less expensive.

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