Hillary Clinton Stance Marijuana Reform

Hillary Clinton Stance Marijuana Reform

Hillary Clinton Stance Marijuana Reform

Marijuana reform is becoming an important topic during this year’s upcoming election. How important is it for your selected candidates to support marijuana? With over 80% of millennials supporting marijuana reform, Hillary Clinton stance on marijuana could be the deciding factor for a lot of young voters.

Years ago for a presidential nominee to address drug laws or policies was unheard of. In today’s changing climate of whats acceptable and whats not. Leaving out a conversation that’s being held all across America dinner tables would be like giving votes away.

Hillary Clinton Views


  •  Rescheduling marijuana to a schedule 2 drug.
  • This would also give scientist, universities, and researchers the green light to study marijuana without fear of incarceration.
  •  Freedom and flexibility to marijuana-related businesses.
  • Opportunities to help grow our economy with new markets


  • She never addresses how the Clinton’s approach to drug control during their first term gave jails an occupancy rate of 90%.
  • If marijuana is rescheduled this could affect a lot of business with exspensive mandated rules and regulation eating away at their profits.
  • Rescheduling could also affect recreational marijuana states. Currently, there are no recreational drugs with a schedule 2 classification. Rescheduling could kill recreational marijuana altogether.
  • Young voters don’t seem to trust her views or approach.

Source: The Weed Blog