How Do You Smoke Dabs

how do you smoke dabsWhat are Dabs

What Are Dabs

The Urban dictionary defines dabs as “bho (butane hash oil), a medical marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil

Dabs Street Names

-Butane honey oil




Why are dabs becoming so popular, it’s because of the high levels of THC found in dabs your average dab contains 70-90% THC levels, which is much more than a typical marijuana flower.

How Do You Smoke Dabs

Dabs are usually smoked using a water pipe (bond) or vaporizer pen.

For dabbing with a water pipe you need a blowtorch to heat the surface, which is referred to as a nail. The nail is usually made using titanium or glass. After the nail is heated the concentrate is dabbed onto the surface causing a vapor that can be smoked.

Dabs Medical Benefits

When it comes to medical benefits of dabs there are many. Patients are able to use dabbing to get a fast dose of marijuana into their system. To help treat a variety of diseases and pain.

My First Dab

The first time I tried dabs, The first hit was more like a mind rush, It was as if the smoke had consumed my brain. Its was much stronger than any weed I have ever smoked. The high for me lasted for around 30 min. The first 5 to 10 min were the most intense. Would I dab again YES!!!


Dabs are not for someone who just started smoking. Most dab user have developed high THC tolerance already from frequent marijuana use. If you are not a frequent marijuana smoker, dabs might not be for you. Even a small amount of dabs could be the equivalent to smoking two blunt of loud.

Making dabs at home could be very dangerous if the proper precautions and steps are not met. In some cases people have burned down there homes trying to make dabs.  

So if you choose to dabs just be safe and responsible

United We Dab

how do you smoke dabs



what are dabs

Have you dabbed yet or are you thinking about trying dabs?

What are Dabs


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