How To Do Smoke Tricks

How To Do Smoke Tricks

hookah tricks

Marijuana Smoke Tricks

How To Do Smoke Tricks, amaze your friends at parties and events with your new tricks. These tricks are great to share with friends and family. See if you can learn to master a least one of these tricks listed. Let us know how it turns out.

French Inhale

how to do smoke tricks

smoking trickscool smoke tricks


This is very simple to do. Most smokers have tried this at one time or antoher.

Smoke Bubble

how to do smoke tricks

how to do smoke trickssmoking tricks


This is a nice trick, that will have any smoker mesmerized

Ghost Inhale

cool smoke tricks

ghost smoke trickghost smoke trick

cool and simple trick 

Cup of weed smoke

how to do smoke tricks

cool smoke trickscool smoke tricks

Good trick I would rather have a cup of weed smoke in the morning than coffee.

Hookah Smoke Tricks

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weed smoke tricks

smoking tricks

hookah tricks

How To Do Smoke Tricks

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