How To Get Paid, While Smoking Weed ALL Day

Earn Extra Money While Getting High

How To Get Paid, While Smoking Weed ALL Day

Looking to make some extra cash while getting high? Well, smokers all around the world are smoking up and cashing in. There are many avenues to begin making money by lighting up. We will show you the top 7 ways to earn money while getting high. How To Get Paid, While Smoking Weed ALL Day

Earn Money At Home, While Getting High

1.Get Paid From Original 420 Pictures
get paid to smoke weed
How can I make an income just off my stoner pics? If you have an original collection of weed pics this is what you do. You first need to start at least three social media accounts. Start posting all your pics with a marijuana-related affiliate linked in it. Your affiliate link could be an Amazon product or a cannabis affiliate. Original pictures will be displayed throughout search engines.
2.Earn Your Income With Marijuana Related Videos
How To Get Paid, While Smoking Weed ALL Day
How to make money with my stoner videos. At the moment Google does not offer monetization for marijuana-related videos. So how can I make fast cash through just video? There is advertiser such as mantis that will allow you to show ads on your videos. On average you will get paid for each video view as well as any clicks. You could also put affiliate links and ads on your videos.
3.Become A Marijuana Tester
How To Get Paid, While Smoking Weed ALL Day
People are making money from testing different strains of marijuana. Companies will pay you to test their strains and share your review with your audience. So you would be receiving free bud and getting paid to smoke it. Check with your local dispensaries and growers for review opportunities.
4.420 Bloggers
weed blog
If you enjoy writing, then its time to cash in. You can start writing articles on a range of 420 topics. All you need is a self-hosted website or blog. How you make money is by monetizing your blog. You can do this two ways. The AdSense way is the hardest to do because of the subject. There are ways to put Adsense on a marijuana-related blog. First, you must have a blog strictly dedicated to research and information. You cant promote any bongs or smoking products. You can’t promote growing or selling marijuana. You may ask what’s the point then. You will be able to put Adsense on your blog and make money simply by the views and clicks. With Adsense, you can make anywhere from .25c a click to $3.00 a click. If you want to be free to talk about what ever you want, then I would suggest signing up with There  method is the same as adsense without any restrictions on topics.
5.How Do I Get People To Send Me Free Stuff
get free 420 products
Getting free products like bongs, blunts and paper. How to get people to send you FREE stuff. First just simply put your address or P.O Box on your website or social media accounts. Post that you offer free reviews for all marijuana related products. Some people will just send products to your address without even contacting you. Other companies will hit you up letting you know what they’re sending. In return, you simply give an honest review of the product and post it on your website or social media accounts. If you have a large audience, you could actually charge for the review.
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Finding sponsorships, this could be one of the fastest ways to actually make a comfortable income. How do sponsorships actually work? Sponsorship works two ways. The first way is you either receive free products or an agreed monthly payment for advertising a business products or websites. An exclusivity contract usually will pay more but your agreeing not to advertise other companies on your platform. The average pay can be anywhere from 150-5,000 a month depending on your audience size and quality.
7.The Traveling Stoner
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There is two ways people are traveling within the 420 industry. The first way is a sponsorship with a company. The company would agree to pay your travel expense in return you would provide original pics, articles or video. The second way is to pay for the trip your self. If I pay then how will I get my money back? Original content is king online. If you document your travel experiences you could make your money back before your flight back home. Blogger in every industry are increasing profits by traveling and showing there audiences new experiences. Currently there are a lot of legal places around the world to travel and share with your audiences. With original articles, pics and videos the trip would pay for it self.

Current Job Posting  
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 Quick Tip:
 Advertising your marijuana blog or videos on FB. FB does allow advertisement but you must comply with all rules and guidelines. The easiest thing to do is always to put the word marijuana activist or legalize within your ad. As long as you don’t use a picture of marijuana or someone smoking your ad will get approved.
How To Get Paid, While Smoking Weed ALL Day

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