Want To Learn How To Grow Weed?

Indoor growing is finally easy to do with this guide for how to grow marijuana indoors how fast.Grab Your Step By Step Guide On How  To Grow Weed

Growing weed

How many of you guys have tried your hand at growing marijuana? How many of you have spent several hours designing a grow room, purchasing lights, fertilizers, pots, growing mediums, seeds? Have you ever tried to sort through the wealth of marijuana growing information on the internet? I must admit that one resource we are seriously lacking is information about growing weed quickly and correctly.

The internet is full of ‘grow guides’ that may teach you a thing or two about marijuana, but they don’t really go into the details and in-depth descriptions that one would need to have a successful marijuana harvest every time. I have scoured the internet for countless hours researching marijuana growing and all it is a scavenger hunt to find the correct and non-conflicting information you need to grow marijuana well for your situation and the amount of space you have available. What is really ridiculous when how-to guides and books start telling you can grow 20 pounds of marijuana in 5 foot by 5 foot closet in only a month.

Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide by Ryan Riley is a complete source for growing beautiful buds of medicinal marijuana. It is authored by Ryan Riley, a medical marijuana connoisseur, grower and teacher. He has spent several years learning how to grow potent medical marijuana plants from the best of the best in the medical marijuana industry.

The Growing Marijuana Guide

how to grow weed

12 Chapters of quality information, here is a breakdown of the first 6 chapters

Ch. 1

Introduction To Marijuana

growing marijuana

  • The six ingredient all growers should be using to ensure strong healthy buds
  • Pros & Cons to growing and using marijuana 
  • How to grow flavorful buds while maintaining quality
  • Full breakdown of THC & CBD
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of growing buds indoor
  • The benefit of growing outdoors and the disadvantages of growing outdoors
  • How much bud will the average plant produce
  • Growing using hydroponics vs soil
  • Which strains should a beginner grow first

Ch. 2

Marijuana Seed Germination

Marijuana Seed Germination

  • Learn how to maximize marijuana yield during flowering process
  • How to plan for your plant maximum height
  • When should you begin the flowering process
  • What nutrients should you be using to grow strong healthy buds
  • Recognize & learn each stage of the flowering process 
  • When to give your plants nutrients
  • How to avoid growing low quality buds
  • How to stimulate flowering of buds
  • Learn how long the flowering process takes

Ch. 3

HID & LED Grow Lights
Marijuana Lighting

HID & LED Grow Lights Marijuana Lighting

  • Everything that goes into making a top quality grow light system
  • How marijuana uses light for photosynthesis, how to learn to use lighting to enhance plant
  • What not do while setting up grow lights
  • Learn the differences between warm and cool light and it effects on your plant
  • How to properly distribute your light
  • What colored light is needed during critical grow stages
  • What types of light source will give you the best quality buds
  • Why the wrong bulbs can harm your harvest
  • Everything about fluorescent light systems
  • How to set up your lights for day/night balance
  • Setting up lights for max growth
  • Advantages & disadvantages to using LED lights

Ch. 4

Weed Seed Germination & Growing the Best Marijuana

growing marijuana

  • Learn key factors to starting off right
  • How many out of 10 seeds will germinate on average
  • When to expect your seeds to sprout
  • The right temperature for your seeds
  • What are the best seed banks
  • How deep should you plant my seeds
  • When should you transplant your seeds for maximum root growth
  • What are the optimum moisture levels for your plants

Ch. 5

Grow Organic Marijuana and Watering Marijuana Plants

Image result for Watering Marijuana Plants

  • What are the benefits to growing with  soil
  • What size pots should you be using
  • How to get your containers sterilized to stay free of bugs & viruses
  • What type of soil should you use
  • How does soil selection affect your plants
  • Learn  temperature preferences for stopping bugs, fungus and mold
  • Can I use soil from my backyard
  • What types of soil texture should I look for
  • Can I reuse old soil for a new harvest

Ch. 6

Hydroponic Weed Systems, Sterilization and Nutrients

Hydroponic Weed Systems
  • What are the benefits of using hydroponics
  • Exactly how does hydroponics work
  • What are the downfalls of using hydroponics
  • How to grow a successful hydroponics system
  • Ways to use hydroponically to increase bud flavor
  • What are the top hydroponic systems you can buy
  • Drain/EBB and Flood Flow
  • Should you use top feed or a drip irrigation system
  • Starting your seed off in a bubbler
  • Automatic hydroponic pots vs manual pots
  • Wick & Hemp buckets
  • What grow system should you be using


growing marijuana

growing marijuana

growing marijuana

growing marijuana

growing marijuana

Growing Marijuana

Marijuana can grow in virtually any environment, growing 1 to two inches a day And up to 18inch tall in the right conditions.  Learn More About Growing Marijuana