How To Pass A Drug TEST Step By Step Guide

Indoor growing is finally easy to do with this guide for how to grow marijuana indoors how fast.How To Pass A Drug TEST

how to pass a drug test

In today’s world it’s becoming increasingly harder for young adults to find jobs, let alone pass the drug test. There are 1,000s of qualified candidates that don’t get hired based on their marijuana use. Learn how to pass a drug test here.

When will employers stop seeing my use or consumption of cannabis, In know way shape or form, effect my ability to do what ever job or task that has been designated to me.

We are college educated and driven. We should not have to be subjected to testing, that does not pertain to our degree or field of interest. I don’t think a smoker should have to go through so much finding a job.

When in most cases there not just qualified for the job but actually over qualified. How to pass a drug test that these b#tches throw at you.

What drugs are they testing for, the average employers test for -Amphetamines -Cocaine –THC -Opiates -Phencyclidine -Alcohol

The drugs they aren’t testing for are -Barbiturates -Benzodiazepines -Methadone -Propoxyphene -Nicotine

Knowing what there testing for will help you learn how to pass a drug test

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

How does a hair test actually work. First any drug you consume gets circulated into your hair. So they are able to take hair samples from anywhere on your body. They usually take 1-3 clumps of hair from the back of your head. The longer the sample they take the further back it shows. You must stop using what ever drug your on immediately. So smoke your last blunt.

There are many online remedies here is one. This test is only supported by user reviews, there are currently no scientific studies.

Step One: You will need distilled white vinegar for hair drug test. How it works is you rub the vinegar throw your hair for a period of 10 minutes.

Step Two: Its going to smell pretty bad but just keep it in your hair for 15-20

Step Three: You need to have a salicylic acid acne treatment use treatment that has a 2% salicylic acid concentration. Then pour it slowly onto your scalp. Let if soak through your entire head. Leave the vinegar and acne treatment in your hair for 30 minutes.

If you have a hair drug test kit coming up, I would be cautious of any treatment I decided to do. I would never go through so much trouble to pass any test. If you are determined to do something just be safe and do your research.

Good luck it might just be easier going straight to the owner or boss and tell them how you’re the best candidate for the job. While searching online a lot of people have done this but it does sounds crazy to me. I would just cut my hair before I did all that. If anything I would just try a detox shampoo & see if that worked first. Test your self at home, purchase a hair drug test kit.

First Try A Detox Shampoo

Learn More: Detox Shampoo

Hair Drug Test Kit

Purchase A Hair Drug Test Kit

How to pass a mouth swab

-Stop taking any and all drugs your on Brush your teeth 3 to 5 times a day focus on the gum line, cheeks and tongue which are the most tested spots. – Don’t smoke anything for 48 hours -Eating high fat meals helps to hide marijuana in your system, eat one hour before testing Most important drink lots and lots of water the water will help to constantly keep fluids in your mouth moving.

Or You Can Buy A Mouth Wash & A Tester.

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How to cheat

Avoid all laboratory instructions. There is no need to help them make you fail. Usually you will swab yourself so avoid swabbing in between teeth and the gum line – Eat a Altoids mint before the test it helps conceal chemicals in your mouth, Tell the examiner you are on pain-killer for some random pain. Painkillers like ibuprofen will read as a false positive.

Also rinsing your mouth with vinegar helps reduce the PH or acid level in your mouth. Giving them less traces of drugs – If you’re trying to buy a detox mouth wash do your research and make an informed decision.

How To Pass A Urine Test

There are different methods to beating a urine test

First Method Water Overload

This is the easiest and fastest way to pass. You just have to consume a lot of water. You need to pee three times. After that your pee should be clear. Take a B12 vitamin this will turn your pee yellow. If your testing for your PO or the court system. A water overload is considered a fail, for a job its a PASS. When peeing first pee a little in the toilet, just to get anything up front out then pee in the cup. 

Another way is to use different pills to pass a drug test. The problem with pills are they will make you itchy & hot. They force your body to sweat the chemicals out. When committing to any one method make sure to research.

How I pass urine test is I don’t try to clean my system. I don’t have time for all that seriously. What I do is I simply use someone’s else pee.

-First find someone who is drug free easier said than done. lls – Get a small water bottle and have them pee into it. The trick is keeping the pee at 98.6 degrees.

  How to keep your pee at the right temperature. For a male you would just have to wear swim trunks putting the bottle in your pants. By keeping the bottle touching your skin the temperature will remain at 98.6.

For a female you would just put the bottle in between your breast this will also keep the pee at the right temperature.

Side Note: To employers while were taking our drug test you take yours to

Lets see what’s in your diet. How to pass a drug testHow To Pass A Drug TEST

how to pass a drug test

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