How To Smoke Weed Bongs-Blunts-Paper

How To Smoke Weed

How To Smoke Weed

For a beginner smoking marijuana may seem a little scary, what if I choke? what if I don’t get high? A lot of people claim they didn’t get high their first time. I can assure you if you do it right you will. You first have to figure out what do you want to smoke out of? You have a wide variety of choices nowadays.

Ways To Smoke Weed


A bong gives you a fast big hit. First you just fill the bong up with weed. You can add water or liquor to the bottom. I prefer to add a little Hennessy to my bong. The liquor gives the weed a sweet taste.

Pipes & Bowls

Smoking out a pipe or bowl can be fast an effective. You just break your cannabis down and pack your bowl. Its better to use a torch lighter. A bowl is perfect for any smoker.

One Hitter

The one hitter is perfect for a quick hit

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Weed Gas Mast

For the advance smoker

How To Roll A Blunt

Or you could just use a blunt or rolling papers You just simply break down your weed and roll up. A tightly rolled blunt can easily burn for 30min or more. If I had to choose I would pick blunts over everything else.. How to roll a blunt.

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