10 Habits That Proved Im A Stoner

im a stoner

10 Habits That Proved Im A Stoner

Stoner Quiz

Asking yourself exactly what is a stoner or am ia stoner? If you can relate to five or more of our answers below you can say Im a stoner

Are You A Stoner Quiz

1. If when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you think of is smoking a blunt you’re a stoner

2. If before you get to work or school, you have to stop and smoke some weed you’re a stoner.

3. If you have to use someone’s else pee, to pass a drug test you’re a stoner.

4. If you need a blunt to go to sleep your probably a stoner.

5. If you get paid on Friday but call your weedman on Thursday to put your order in you’re a stoner.

6. If you think smoking makes everything 10x better you’re a stoner.

7. If your always stealing lighters and forgetting how you got them you’re a stoner.

8. If you have a marijuana related tattoo you’re a stoner.

9. If you would spend your last $10 on a bag of weed you’re a stoner.

10. If you avoid hanging with people who don’t smoke you’re a stoner.

Some people see stoner as people who are lazy and lack ambition, that’s just not true with so many successful smoker the public perception is starting to change. Todays smoker are businessmen, musicians, actors and college grads. So the next time someone says stoner are lazy or lacking something. Tell them to take a look around, there are plenty examples of why they don’t know WTF they’re talking about. Can you say im a stoner?

Im a stoner

am ia stoner

are you a stoner quiz

am ia stoner

what is a stoner

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im a stoner

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