Interview with Angel Monge

Interview with Angel Monge

We are showcasing an amazing artist by the name of Angel Monge. This gifted individual has a collection of truly original art pieces. Angel takes marijuana roaches and turn them into works of art. His pieces are truly one of a kind. When marijuana meets creativity the results can be genius. Exclusive Interview with Angel Monge by

NGU Interview with Angel Monge

NGU: When were you introduce to marijuana as an art form?

Angel Monge: I was walking by the beach in Venice California and I saw a street Kid Doing Jimi Hendrix, It looks simple and it was fun.

NGU: How does smoking marijuana help you in your creative process?

Angel Monge: It’s a lifestyle well suited for an artist like me. Smoking lets me zone out and zoom in down to the atom as I delve deeper into the creation.

NGU: What information do you want people to know about this art form?

Angel Monge: It’s a gimmick, but it’s important to transcend gimmicks with something original. I strive for complex ideas in simple shapes. I hope others see that.

NGU: Can anyone do this?

Angel Monge: Yup, its cakewalk, but it takes awhile

NGU: Where can someone purchase your pieces?

Angel Monge: They can contact me via Facebook and we can go from there.

NGU: What are people reactions when they see your pieces for the first time?

Angel Monge: Some see it and don’t see it. Some see it and are blown away. It takes imagination and some folks don’t have that. Pot Helps

NGU: Thanks Angel for this interview we wish you much success from For more info on Angel Monge click here

Interview with Angel MongeInterview with Angel Monge



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