Is Marijuana legal In Australia? Australia Marijuana Laws

Is Marijuana legal In Australia

Is Marijuana legal In Australia

Is Marijuana legal In Australia, with the growing public support for legalizing marijuana in Australia. Residents are happy to hear that a bill was introduced to parliament, to change the current laws under the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1967. So far it looks as though this change will soon become law.

Australia will set up a national licensing permit for supplying medical marijuana, for people with chronic conditions. The government expects this to become law by the end of March. With so many patients suffering from various illness, that cannabis has been proven to help or heal. Patience will soon have access to effective treatment for their conditions.

Australia is deciding to do what’s best for its people and their country. Neighboring countries like Southeast Asia, a place with no acceptance to illegal drugs considers marijuana a hard drug, with no medical benefits. Many countries still agree with this notion. Places like Singapore, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia are still sentencing people to death for marijuana related crimes, as recent as 2015. Many people have lost there lives due  to outdated laws and polices around the world. With so many places legalizing marijuana in one form or another. Hopefully this will set the stage for a new understanding of marijuana. No one should be put to death for possession of a plant, be it for health reason or simply recreational use.  

Places like Canada and the USA are trying to change the current perception of cannabis in today’s society. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau wants Canada to become the first G7 nation to fully legalize marijuana, for all its potential benefits. This bill in Australia is only set to change the medical marijuana laws. For recreational users hopefully change will come with time and more research.

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Note: Governments around the world have been over stepping their boundaries for years. The government role was never to control or suppress the people. The government role is to echo the voice of the people not silence them. Currently most government officials are older and less understanding, to the need of the average person. Until we get more young people in high places of government, the people will continue to face resistance when change is wanted and needed. We need to better balance our societies. With more youth in high positions. 


Australia Marijuana

is marijuana legal in australia

australia marijuana laws

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Is Marijuana legal In Australia

Is Marijuana legal In Australia

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