Jamaica Marijuana Laws

Jamaica Marijuana Laws

jamaica marijuana laws

Jamaica Marijuana Laws-Jamaica has become a top tourist spot for smoking weed. In Jamaica marijuana is still actually considered illegal on a governmental level. Even though Jamaican residents freely smoke weed. Jamaica government is now taking a closer look at marijuana as a whole.

Jamaica now see that their policies and outdated practices has hindered there war on drugs. There is still large amounts of marijuana smuggled in and out of Jamaica everyday. Jamaica government is spending unnecessary money and resources on marijuana enforcement. Jamaica has a new proposition for its residents. Marijuana was legalized in small amounts for personal use. Will anything change with this move. Jamaicans and tourist alike all smoke marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. Rather marijuana was legalized or not, I don’t think you can really stop a country from doing something that they have been doing for hundreds of years. Jamaicans smoke for many reasons including spiritual devotions and medical practices.

It’s crazy that a drug that was so widely used was illegal. Americans were under the impression that marijuana was legal in jamaca. Marijuana is actually their unofficial state flower.

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Most of todays smokers are just trying to escape todays confinement and restriction on their lives. We are told were to work sleep and how to act. Its time we let all government official know that were perfectly capable to make inform decisions for our lives. If that decisions includes me smoking a blunt, I should be able to. CAN WE LIVE with no restraint. The more you push people back the more they push forward. People all across the world are smoking and lighting up as marijuana activist. Jamaica Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Laws In Jamaica

Bob Marley once asked the prime minister why is marijuana illegal he responded it makes man rebel. Bob replied against WHAT. That’s the true questions everyone should be asking.

marijuana laws in jamaica


A system that was set in place to control everyone involved. History has shown us that you can’t keep people down forever eventually they will fight back. Once you stop voicing your opinion you no longer have one.

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Jamaica Marijuana Laws

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