Jaycee Chan Marijuana Arrest

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Jaycee Chan Marijuana Arrest

Jaycee Chan Marijuana Arrest

Many cultures around the world use marijuana for its spiritual and medical benefits.

Recently Jackie Chan son was arrested on marijuana charges. Jaycee Chan was held in Beijing for possession. He could face up to three years in prison or worse case scenario be executed. There are many places in the world with extreme laws. China is definitely one of those places. I don’t believe the punishment fits the crime. Many in china have been executed for drug related charges. As a whole china believe marijuana to be a deep seated evil that one should not partake in.

China must remember before the USA help to enforce a marijuana band in china. Marijuana farmers making hemp and clothing was quite profitable. Until America started to take a closer look at the profits they would lose if china continued producing hemp on such a large scale. While china was making clothes and rope out of hemp. America wanted to manufacture an sell there own material and fiber for profit. So America implemented the manipulation of marijuana as a whole. After America banned marijuana china soon followed suite. There are still marijuana farmers in china but they must adhere to strict regulation in order to grow. They must grow all plants with as little THC as possible.

Jackie Chan has said in a interview he was ashamed of his son. Your ashamed of a man that works does movies and support his self. Jackie Chan should have come to his son side saying I am here for you. Jackie Chan should have use this incident as a platform for change an reform. Instead he went against his son for his country. When your county put execution on the table as a possible punishments. Sorry at that moment that’s when I would have sided with my son.

China has to much control over there people. China has random drug bust where they go into bars and clubs and randomly testing people for drugs. If your found with drugs in your system you will be locked up. To Jaycee Chan sorry this had to happen to you but hopefully this will be a starting point for a much needed dialogue with china’s youth and elders on outdated policies and procedures.  What’s crazy is china cultures as well as American culture has been using marijuana for thousands of years. Some how the knowledge an information has been wiped from our memory. China was one of the first places to see marijuana for its spiritual and medical benefits.  Threw strategic manipulation the information has been lost all over the world. The real question is why push so hard for us to forget.

Meanwhile in America We think marijuana is just a means for fun and Turning Up

Jaycee Chan Marijuana Arrest

Americas  view on marijuana has also be warped and misguided. Marijuana is not just a means of getting high and turning up. Marijuana has the ability to help with many of todays medical problems. Marijuana can free you from the captivity of materialism an ego driven society. Marijuana is not just a means to turning up and having fun. Marijuana helps take the blinders off that was put in place by very powerful and strategic individuals. Who only concerns are  profit and control. Let marijuana elevate your mind and body and do its intended purpose. America would have you to believe its a drug, with no medical or spiritual benefits what’s so ever this is one of the biggest lies told. Marijuana is not just a means to a high but a means to break free. Peace One Love

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