LA Preparing To Enforce Federeal Laws As Recreational Marijuana Approches

Recreational Marijuana

The largest sheriff department in LA Is worried about recreational marijuana and the impact it would have on the community. LA is gearing up to enforce federal laws. The chief of police McDonnell said, “it’s likely there will be federal raids targeting the marijuana industry in California.” We will take a closer look at the department concerns, is there any validity of their statements?
McDonnell said official need to prepare for a potential health crisis

Issue 1:
“We’ve seen an increase in the number of kids, in particular, admitted to emergency rooms for ingestion of edibles that in a young kid could be fatal,” McDonnell said. “Somebody cuts a corner of a brownie, do they get the full ingestion of THC that was supposed to go into that whole plate of brownies or do they get nothing? There’s no control.”
Closer Look:
I do understand McDonnell concern for keeping our youth safe. There are situations where people ingest edible without knowing the actual THC levels. People have ended up in the hospital because of this. Just like every other industry regulation and product consistency is critical. McDonnel stated that California is taking a closer look at states like Colorado to see how they dealt with issues. Apparently, he didn’t look to hard because after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana the percentage of young people using or consuming marijuana in any form decreased Survey shows marijuana use among teens has not increased since legalization, with four of five high school students continuing to say they don’t use marijuana, even occasionally,” the department stated in a statement. I believe marijuana will become less hip to the younger generations.

Issue 2
“McDonnell said anticipates that legalization will also drive up crime and will being heavy costs to train more officers to be able to identify drugged drivers.”
Closer Look:
Would legalizing recreational marijuana increase crime? According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. There was actually a decrease in overall crime rates after legalizing marijuana. There was a 2.5 percent reduction in all crime per 100,000 residents. There was also a 3.1 percent decrease in property crimes and a 12.8 percent drop in homicides. Automobile break-ins declined by 36 percent. While sexual assaults also dropped 14 percent. It seems that the overall crime rates are actually going down. So instead of the department allocating funds for there so-called drugged drivers. That money should be better use to support the community. The government has spent millions to enforce outdated laws and practices. Why because the war on drugs was always a war on your on individual freedom.

Issue 3:

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“We don’t have anything where it’s similar to getting a blood-alcohol content level, as we would do in the field now,” he said. “Without a definitive metric to be able to go to court with that – an index if you will – it’s going to be difficult to go to court and get the prosecutions the way we know get for alcohol.”
Closer Look
Some products will tell you the exact amount of THC in your system. There are companies today with marijuana breathalyzers.
The only way we as a nation could ever totally win the so-called war on drugs. Is if there was national legalization. With full legalization on a federal level. This allows states to decide for their selves rather or not to allow marijuana use. With our country’s diminishing resources, a new source of income could save our communities. If crime rates do drop nationally, if marijuana was ever declassified. I wonder how much money would departments across the nation lose. Places with relaxed drug laws will always to see a decrease in overall crime rates because people feel less controlled and constricted. Hopefully, California does the right thing for their community by allowing the existing industry to practice business as usual without threat of incarceration

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