Police for legalization Of Weed LEAP

Police for legalization LEAP


Leap is an organization for police officers prosecutors, judges and activist who are against prohibition and what it has done to our neighborhoods and communities. Leap goal is to help legalize weed & bring marijuana reform.

Many police officers are seeing first hand how the war on drugs, are directly affecting our communities and neighborhoods. Current failed practices and policies are locking up our citizens every minute. Just because you are using a drug or substance does not mean you should be incarcerated. If you don’t pose any immediate threat to yourself or others you should be left alone.

Leap is not just for the legalization of marijuana. Leap is trying to end the war on drugs all together. Leap is more about educating the public about the effects of drug abuse. They believe that marijuana users are not criminals, And should not be treated as such.

Currently the system is set up with the dominoes effect in mind. Meaning if you take street level dealers off the street and lock them up. You will in essence be preventing future crimes. This is not total recall or some movie like that. I understand the logic, but you can’t determine that I will commit a more serious crimes in the future based on my drug affiliations today.  Also law enforcement get paid for each and every drug arrest, Its based on the percentage of arrest at the end of the year. So the more arrest the more funding your department gets that year.

The government war on drugs pays police departments millions every year to enforce drug laws and policies. There is currently no money paid for other crimes such as murder or burglaries. So that’s why their main concern is drugs.  We are not your personal piggy banks. Police departments need to really reconsider there failed approach. Your war on drugs has turned into the war against the people. Communities all across America are seeing police as a threat not an asset to their communities. The war on drugs in reality turned the government against the people. I am more afraid of getting stopped and search then getting robbed. Who is the real criminals in these situations.

Message to all police officers

We are your sons, daughter, nieces, nephews and neighbors. We are college educated and driven. We are perfectly capable of making informed decisions for our lives. If we choose to smoke, It should be our decision to make. There are enough problems going on in America, that we should not solely focus on one aspect.  If you choose to live your life under the influence of something, That should be your choice. Not the decisions of people who will never understand your life or struggle.

Note: All police officers are not bad that’s not what I am saying. They are doing their job but with misdirection. Prohibition does not work stop letting history repeat itself.

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Ex Cops Smoking Weed Together


Source: L.E.A.P