Legal Weed Scam In Florida Don’t Get Tricked

Legal Weed

Legal Weed Scam In Florida

There is a new legal weed scam in Florida. Residents have been seeing signs all over Palm Coast. The signs tell you to call a 1800 number to attain a license to buy legal weed. When you call the number they will ask you for your driver license information & your credit card info. Resident who gave the information never received anything. The scammers goal is to simply take your money. In Florida you don’t actually need a license to purchase medical marijuana. All residents need is a valid doctors prescription.

This scam started in Florida but I am sure we will see similar scams across the nation. I know we all want access to legal marijuana but don’t get scammed in the process. If you see a sign that looks suspicious take a picture post it on social media to warn people not to give up their money.

legal weed

Legal Weed Scam

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