Lawmakers Are Pushing To Legalize Marijuana Federally

legalize marijuana

Will Lawmakers Be Able To Legalize Marijuana, On A Federal Level?!

A group of lawmakers are trying to legalize marijuana on a federal level. Their aim is to get the government to reëxamine marijuana. This would, in essence, end the Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, this would allow states to decide how they wish to deal with medical & recreational marijuana for their states.

Currently, there are many states with legal medical or recreational marijuana. The problem is that these states are breaking current laws on a federal level. State and government official could decide at any time to enforce these laws. This would result in many arrest and losses in state revenue.

The current bill being introduced has been co-sponsored by 11 people. Lawmakers are trying to act fast because of Trumps administration may be leaning toward stronger enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

Prosecutor turned advocate Rep. Garret Thomas (R-VA). Says he got to see first hand the effect of outdated marijuana laws has on society. Over the year he says his view began to shift. Once a fearless prosecutor who fought to incarcerate marijuana violators. Says he has had a shift in his ideals of weed. Garrett now believes that marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. Garrett states that 25-30 years ago, medical marijuana was a laughable subject. His opinions and views changed through years of prosecuting citizens who otherwise followed the law.

Garret says “If there’s anything I cannot tolerate as a citizen and as a prosecutor, it is the unequal application of justice,” he said.

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It’s good that Mr. Thomas had a change of heart. A change in his perspective does not give the victims of these outdated laws back there lives. People have paid millions in marijuana fines and thousands of people serving time because of Mr. Garret and other prosecutors. These are mostly non-violent offenders. That should never have been locked up for a personal decision to use marijuana.

At what point are certain laws and policy infringing on the rights of the people. If federal legislation is change, there should also be proper actions to write the injustices for the countless victims of our outdated policies. Why is marijuana illegal?

The government never gave real data and info to inform the people why marijuana was, in fact, harmful & dangerous. What they did do was put out propaganda through T.V., radio & print ads, to scare the people about weed.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) Say he also believes marijuana laws should be changed to reflect the wants & needs of the people.

Marijuana Arrest

“Every 42 seconds someone is arrested for the use or possession of marijuana, turning every-day Americans into criminals, tearing families apart,” Gabbard told reporters.

How should the people be compensated because of prosecutor and lawmakers alike suddenly having a change of heart, due to new information received, personal experiences and becoming more educated about marijuana? Why should the people have to suffer because you were willfully ignorant while prosecuting & arresting thousands of people?

Should we just forget about the past injustices because you now see the economic benefits or the health benefits associated with marijuana? I do want marijuana reclassified on a federal level but not for the interest of policyholders and lawmakers.

Representatives Garret stated that he got tired of arresting people for marijuana. While never giving an apology or a way to right the wrong. So for the future of marijuana, I believe the laws will eventually be changed. 

The actual question is will the people profit or benefit from these changes or will big business & politicians capitalize once again. There is not just one answer for why do people smoke weed, but Incarceration should have never been a part of the punishment.

legalize marijuana

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