Mayor Son Faces Up To 2 Years For Selling Pot

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Texas Mayor Son Faces Up To 2 Years For Selling Pot


Texas mayor Ruben Villarreal son Ruben Oscar Villarreal Jr. was charged with one count of felony delivery of marijuana, one count Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana and four misdemeanor counts of delivery of marijuana. During the raid agents found 1.6 ounces of marijuana.

So what does Mayor Villarreal say about his son?


The mayor was quoted saying

“We always want our children to make good decisions, but in the cases that they don’t all we can do as parents is to love them and hope that in the future they’ll make better decisions.”

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He sound cool I think every parent should stand behind their child for any marijuana related charges. Marijuana should have never been made illegal in the first place. Stop trying to police our lifestyles. If you really wish to help the people get out of our pockets.

Do you think Ruben should be locked up for two years or should they just stop locking us up because clearly it’s not working. I would not want my child locked up for anything related to marijuana. If There committing a serious crime such as a murder or robbery then call me.

Major Son Faces Up To 2 Years For Selling Pot