Man Calls Cops Asking To Be Arrested For Smuggling Drugs

People Who Are To High For Their Own Good

When Getting High Goes Wrong, Enjoy & Don’t End Up On YouTube

i am to high


Sometimes its good to know, when to back away from the blunt or bong. With anything you have to know your limit. Here are the top 5 People Who Are To High For There Own Good.


Cop actually calls police on hisself and says he was dying Crazy, check it out

I want some of those brownies…


Guy calls cops saying he was smuggling marijuana across state lines, and asked could they come arrest him and his friend. Not sure what strain he was smoking, but its clear he should have stopped smoking 5 grams ago.

When you actually pick up the phone while high and dial 911, there should be an app that pops up on your screen and says NO ABORT MISSION.


Man call cops and tell them, he is to high and need help to come down.

Once you get this high, the only thing to do is take a cold shower and drink some milk. Both will help to bring down your high by shocking your system.

What Not To Do, While Smoking Weed Enjoy

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