In California A Man Opens Fire At Hotel, For Staff Asking Him To Throw Away Weed

In California A Man Opens Fire At Hotel


Authorities are reporting that a gunman opened fire, outside an upscale hotel in West Hollywood, California. Witnesses are reporting that the suspect went into a rage, after staff members asked him to throw away his marijuana. The suspect pulled out his gun and fired several shots. Luckily no one was seriously injured, during this incident. Police say after the incident that the man drove off in a silver hatchback, driven by a women. 

Police Are Currently Looking For The Suspect. I don’t think his goal was to harm anyone. Even though his actions could have resulted in bodily injuries to an innocent person. It’s not that deep for you to pull out a gun because someone asked you to respect their establishment. I do understand his argument was probably but marijuana is legal here. I think business owners should have the right to decide, if they want to allow marijuana within their establishments. 

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What are you thoughts about this incident?

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