70 People Arrested At Lingerie Themed Party, Marijuana Arrest In Georgia

Marijuana Arrest In Georgia-70 People Arrested At Birthday Party #NoSnitches

A 21st birthday party ends with all partygoers being arrested & charged. What started as just your typical party resulted in the arrest of the entire party. Partygoers heard a knock on the door. After answering the door, they realized it was the police, with a noise complaint from the neighbors. Neighbors reported hearing what they thought were gunshots. What police later found out were just fireworks. Police gained entrance into the house. That’s when they found almost a 1 ounce of weed

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The problem that the police faced was nobody would talk. So the result was since known one would claim ownership everyone was arrested. I do respect the fact that their group of friends all stood together. They all decided don’t say sh#t, which is the code of the streets anyway. I do think that one person should have taken the charges for everyone though. Sometimes you just got to take one for the team. Especially if people scholarships and lively hoods are on the line. A couple people reported losing their jobs as a resulted of getting locked up.

The problem with outdated laws and procedures is that it hinders the society as a whole. The government on average spends around 3.6 billion dollars a year to enforce marijuana-related laws. This money could better serve local communities in numerous ways. Wasteful spending has become the norm for politician and government officials. All party goers will eventually have to hire lawyers and pay all court cost and fees associated with their cases. Resulting in people having to pay unnecessarily out of pocket expenses, all for less than an ounce.

Contrary to prevalent belief crime rates in America is actually down compared to 25 years ago. So crime rates are down on a national level. There are individual states that have seen an increase in some areas of crime. For America as a whole, the crime rate is decreasing. Will this decrease in crime rate cause a reduction in police presence?

Marijuana Arrest

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