Marijuana arrest and government spending


Marijuana Arrest And Government Spending

Marijuana failed policies and procedures are a continual problem for America’s youth. The arrest rates are steady growing for marijuana violation. In Washington DC alone in 2010 there were 853,838 marijuana related arrest. In the USA 52 percent of all drug related arrest are from marijuana offenses.

Out of 750,591 88 % were arrested for possession only. The remaining 103,247 were charges with sale or manufacturing. Arrest records very by region and demographic. All around the country the number are growing.

These arrest cost the tax payers millions of dollars. In 2009 across the USA there were 7.9 million arrest for marijuana violations. The government currently spends roughly 42.3 billion a year enforcing outdated policies and procedures. I am no mathematician. I think it’s safe to say that out of the 42 billion spent. I think the government should give 500 million to each state. This alone is enough to change and revitalize our economy. Our economy is so bad because of misappropriation of funds. It’s not a lack of money it’s a lack of caring for our communities needs. The government would rather waste money and not help. Think about what 500 million could do for your state.

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If marijuana was to ever become legal in America. The projected annual tax income would be 46 Billion. That’s another 500 million that could be allocated to each state. Assuming our country was actually trying to help. The war on drugs has cost our government 600 billion between 1981-2008.

Our prison population has exploded from the war on drugs. From 1986 – 2012 the cost associated with incarceration, judicial system, state employee workers and administrative needs. Went from 9.9 billion to 52.4 billion. States on average increase their budgets buy 315 percent to help cover these costs.

There is money being spent all around the board with no results in sight. The federal government spends 238.2 billion on substance abuse and addiction which is 9.6 percent of the federal budget. On average states spend 13 percent of their budget 135 billion dealing with substance abuse and addiction. There is more money spent on addiction than Medicaid, higher education, transportation and the judicial system combined. It’s safe to say that our current system is fundamentally broken just like our school and health care system reform is needed. Stop locking us up its not working.


Marijuana arrest and government spending