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Marijuana Arrest

marijuana arrest

Every year marijuana arrest causes 800,000 Americans to be prosecuted for marijuana related crimes. In some cases you might get probation or told to attend drug counseling classes. What about the cases were people are serving serous time for these non violent crimes. Our current system is fundamentally broken and has been since its development. Most marijuana arrest are people with non violent histories. That don’t pose an immediate threat to society. So why are people being sentenced so harshly for a minor offense, In comparison to other crimes and drugs. Until cannabis laws change and marijuana arrest are a thing of the pass. We should keep pushing for full marijuana legalization on a national level.

Marijuana Legalization

Here is a examples of the punishment does not fit the crime

Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow is currently serving ten years in prison. After falling behind in a few bills, Patricia decided to sell pot. Thinking this would just be a source for extra money, for rent and bills. Little did Patricia know, she would soon have years of her life taken away. Patricia made a carless mistake, by selling a dime bag of weed to an undercover officer. A few weeks later the officer came back to buy more. He purchased a $20 bag this time. 

Patricia and her roommate were both arrested. Charges were also added because there were children in the home. Charges added were child endangerment and the possession of a dangerous substance in the presence of a minor. Patricia is currently serving ten years in prison for this crime. Her children has been taking away from her, all for a total of 30 worth of pot. Patricia is eligible for parole in 2014 hopefully she get out.

Starr Patricia roommate received a 30 years suspended sentence with a mandatory 5 years of drug classes. Patricia and star were both offered a plea deal of two years in prison. They both thought it was laughable with no prior charges or conviction. They were both under the impression they would receive probation. So they decided not to take the deal. Unfortunately this case did not go as expected.

There are many more cases like this all over the country. We currently spend millions of dollars a year enforcing outdated polices and practices. Our prison population has exploded from this war on drugs. From 1986 – 2012 the cost associated with incarceration, judicial system, state employee workers and administrative needs. Went from 9.9 billion to 52.4 billion. States on average increase their budgets by 315 percent to help cover these costs.There is more money spent on drug enforcement and addiction treatment, than Medicaid, higher education, public transportation and the judicial system combined. It’s safe to say that our current system is broken. As a whole our government is outdated, from laws and polices,health care,education and many more reason. Its time for a change on a national level.

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