Marijuana Businesses Could Save Our Economy

Marijuana Businesses

Marijuana Businesses

There are many opinions when it come to the legalizing marijuana. One important reason is the taxable money that would be generated  for our economy. Colorado and Washington Have become the first states to legalize marijuana use.
This move in turn could bring these two states a combined income of over 550 million in revenue. This money could then be allocated to different charities and organizations. This could help there local economy to stabilize.
Legalizing marijuana could save the U.S Billions of dollars a year. Tax payers pay over  14 Billion dollars  a year. Which goes into enforcing outdated laws and policies. This revenue could be use to better serve our communities. 


Cannabis crops in California are projected to be worth 14 Billion dollar. Legal or illegal Marijuana is big business. You have your nickel and dime hustler. Or your friend up the block pushing weight. Or the man in his office making multimillion dollar deals with just a phone. There is no doubt marijuana is a growning business. The U.S cant afford not to take a closer look at legalizing marijuana . If all this income was taxable. Our economy would have a new source of money. We can’t afford not to push for legalization. Green Money

Marijuana Businesses

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