Marijuana & Bussiness

Marijuana & BussinessMarijuana & Bussiness


<h2> Marijuana & Business </h2>

ABC Stores around the country are starting to take a closer look at the legalizing of marijuana. Virginia is looking deeper into the economic value it could offer. There closely watching other states projections and sells. ABC store have seen that the government has been able to safely regulated and distribute alcohol.

The government has seen continued growth in sales of alcohol. ABC official believe the same could be possible with marijuana. Virginia House and Senate. Are working with experts to determine a dollar value associated with marijuana sales. There also trying to determine how these sales could help local economies and charity organizations. If ABC stores start selling marijuana it would be regulated and controlled by the government. Many people are hesitant for this reason.

ABC store in certain states including Virginia has a monopoly over alcohol sales. Leaving no room for individual business to profit off sales. If marijuana is strictly sold by government it takes away the possibilities for growing business to capitalize on this market. I think Virginia should legalize marijuana sales. I don’t think it should only be sold through ABC stores. Unless they allocate at least 25% of all money earned to local organizations and charities.

Virginia currently says marijuana revenue would help with health care, school, roads, and public safety. The same was said for alcohol sales. Virginia operates over 330 ABC stores. With a combined income of 140 million in sales a year. To date Virginia road schools and health care are all in poor shape. If the millions of dollars made from Alcohol sale could not help Virginia government fix these problem. What gives the public the insurance that revenue from marijuana won’t be frivolously wasted like Alcohol revenue? I am on the fence on this issue. I want legalization but I don’t want it to be just one company or entity in sole control we have seen that enough.  ABC stores are afraid of losing sales from marijuana. That’s why there trying to combine the two.

Quick Statistics & Projections

  1. The marijuana market is worth 1.53 billion and growing
  2. Medical marijuana would be worth 10.2 billion in five years
  3. Colorado sales in their first two months of business was 6.17 million with a yearly projection of 100,000,000

Marijuana & Bussiness