Marijuana Coffee

Marijuana CoffeeMarijuana Coffee

Marijuana Coffee

Thinking of buying marijuana coffee. A company in Washington State has just introduce a cannabis base coffee. Marijuana coffee gives you a fast wake up while keeping you calm and relax. The coffee contains an average of 20 milligrams THC for every 11.5 ounce bottle.

Who came up with marijuana coffee

The brewing of marijuana came from a man name Adam Stites. He had been developing marijuana coffee for years. Trying to get the right mix of ingredients was key. Working out of his kitchen he came up with various product. Witch ultimately led to legal the first marijuana coffee drink.

 Marijuana soda

Adam also sells sparkling sodas that contains THC. Adam Company Mirth sells flavors like lemon ginger and pomegranate. These drink range from $9-$11. In Washington products made using marijuana can’t have more than 100 mg of THC and a single can can’t have more than 10 mg.

Does marijuana coffee get you high

The answer is its still THC. So like all THC products yes. The high has been describe to have the same effects of smoking marijuana. Some have said to experience head or body highs. The well blend of coffee and herb energizes your body. Adam is recommending you drink half the bottle and see how it effects your body. Then if everything is ok drink the other half.

Where can I buy marijuana coffee

Washington residents can’t drink up as of yet. They must wait until marijuana coffee shops start opening their doors in early July. Starbuck lines in Washington will be nonexistent. Be safe get there early I am sure there will be a line every day. Early morning turn up

Marijuana CoffeeMarijuana Coffee

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