Could Marijuana Create More Employment Opportunities

Indoor growing is finally easy to do with this guide for how to grow marijuana indoors how fast.Could Marijuana Create More Employment Opportunities

Could Marijuana Create More Employment Opportunities

Many are still on the fence when it comes to legalizing marijuana. I can tell you that not legalizing will intern be a much greater cost to America. Currently there are no new source of money for Americans. So what’s America’s solution to this problem? Should America fully legalize and distribute marijuana with no restraints.

How Marijuana could create new jobs

With the new marijuana industry new jobs are on the rise. Marijuana employers are hiring, Business grads, Graphic designer, writers, Promoters, Advertisers, accountants and many more positions. This gives college grads a new way to enter creative field in a relax workplace. With so many young people educated and looking for work. Marijuana could provide a scalable work environments for today’s youth. Dispensary and marijuana related business are making millions of dollars in taxable income for their states.

How could MJ help with Higher Education?

Education is the key to breaking restrains and barriers. Currently the average American wishes to study and obtain a degree in their lifetime. Some are not able due to financial circumstances. Every American should be able to attend college if they choose so. Money generated from marijuana could provide more funding for Higher Education.

Send Me To College Not Prison

Currently you’re more likely to serve time in jail than Finish College. Millions of Americans are locked up every year for marijuana related crimes, most cases the only charges are possession only. Costing tax payers millions every year. With no results in sight. If each state takes just the percentage allocated for drug enforcement and rehabilitation, and put it towards higher education we would be able to send more kids to college and less to prison. Could marijuana really help our struggling economy in theory I think it could work. Then again the ones controlling the money actually holds the key. It’s not by accident that 99% of the world lives in poverty. The probability of such a wide difference in economical circumstances to accrue naturally are slim to none. This current structure has been set in place. This is no accident. The only way for money generated from marijuana to actually serve the communities, and not be wasted like so many other government resources. Is to start voting judges, senators, mayors and congress out of office. If you don’t have Americans best interest at hand, it’s time to step down or get voted out. Many politicians are actually afraid that Americans might actually make money, from the marijuana industry giving them a voice. With a voice you’re able to enact change and action. With our current state of affairs I don’t think simply pouring money into it will help. Money at the end of the day is not our biggest problem. We are told that we are in financial ruin but that’s simply not true. We spend billions every year on programs and interest that does not benefit the people. Even with marijuana potential income the money would not serve us well in the wrong hands

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. Could Marijuana Create More Employment Opportunities