Marijuana Edibles

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Marijuana Edibles Truck Brining Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Ambulance Service Enters VA BEACH

Virginia residents were greeted by an Medical Marijuana ambulance truck, selling marijuana edibles on July 20. Its one of 15 trucks operated by Weed World Candies.

Pete Marrero who has worked for WWC for two years. Told residents it’s not about selling a product but more about educating the public, on the benefits of marijuana. Marrero also said his company fully support marijuana legalization across America.

Any form of cannabis is still illegal in the Common wealth even CBD.

Marijuana Edibles

So how did this company manage to promote,  while staying within the compounds of the law? Simple there is always a way around laws and policies. The lollipops sold in VA had no THC or CBD in them. They were all made using hemp a derivative of marijuana.

Even with just the hemp customers have reported that the lollipops does help relieve pain and stress.

The company made it clear their goal is to reach and educate as many people as possible. Soon we will have a nationwide ambulance service for all marijuana users. So instead of calling 911 we would just call 420.

marijuana edibles

marijuana edibles

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